26th February, 2012 - Continue Bird Hide Construction

WOW!  What a gorgeous Sunday morning.  The sun's shining and there's a warm feeling of spring's round the corner.  It's a great turn-out too, with 7 volunteers, 2 dogs and a ranger all eager to get stuck-in.  The plan today was to continue building the willow bird hide and erect the new pathway edging.  

With the fresh willow cut from around BRPP yesterday the team quickly began snedding and weaving it into the existing paneling. 


Very soon, a rhythm was found and the fence began to grow in height.  Then came a fun part.  Bending the taller willow branches to form a roof over one of the corners.  This will create some cover for the bird watchers and we plan to do this on the other corner too.  The branches were bent inwards and tied together to form an arch.  


Next, smaller, thinner branches of willow were weaved around the struts to give them stability.  Unfortunately, by 1:30pm we had to stop as we had run out of time and willow.  Eventually, the whole corner will be covered and then we'll do the same to the other corner.   


All in all, what a wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning soaking in the sunshine.  See you all on Saturday, 10th March.