21st/22nd January 2012 - The BIG Weekender! 

10am Saturday, 21st January
The weekend is finally here, thank goodness, and the weather is set to be windy, chilly and wet.  Still, it's better than being indoors and the rainbow was an extra treat.  Six willing volunteers have turned up to help Matt build a willow fenced bird hide for inquisitive bird watchers.  Since the entrance and pathway had already been created, see Bird Hide Preparation, the first task was to collect the willow.

Van loaded with willow Sorting the willow

Soon the willow had been sorted into piles, by size and thickness, and sturdy corner posts selected from the crop.  These were knocked into the ground and intermediate posts were spaced between them.   Meanwhile, other volunteers were busy snedding the willow cuttings. 

Knocking in posts Putting in spacing posts

With the posts installed, it's time to start weaving.  This requires 2 long pieces of willow and a bit of concentration to make sure they are woven correctly.  Luckily Gill was on hand to assist with the weaving and teach us how to do it.  By lunch time the hide was starting to take shape and we could see that more willow was needed!

Weaving Willow fencing

After lunch the weaving continued and scouting parties were sent out for more willow.  Unfortunately, the weather started to turn for the worse and by 3pm it was time to packup and call it a day. 

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