16th October Reed Cutting

It's 10am on a sunny Sunday morning & Matt's dedicated band of volunteers are ready to attack a large section of reeds which is encroaching on the pond.  This is a garden escapee reed so needs to be brought under control.  A similar patch was cut last October & has successfully prevented further spreading of the reed.  So, 2 hours & a tea break later the task is complete & all that's left are piles of cut reeds.  These will provide shelter for various animals over the winter & by next October will have rotted down to nothing. 

Here's a before & after shot to show what we achieved in just a few hours: 


Job done.  Another great morning of fresh air & friendly banter. 

Why not come & join us on the next task?  Click 'Events' to find out when the next task is due or phone the warden (Matt Hall) on 01480 406795.

Here's some photos of us undertaking the task: