15th April, 2012 - Laying Pathway To Bird Hide

Our monthly event has come round so soon.  It seems like only last week that we were here! 

At our last event it was decided that the path needed a layer of wood chippings, as the entrance was very muddy and uneven.  Anyway, surprise surprise, we arrive this morning to be greeted with this:

Can you guess what today's task is?  A pile of wood chippings was heaped at the entrance to the bird hide and it was our job to spread it out.  So, with shovels and rakes, we got cracking, as there was a lot to do!

Gradually, as the pathway took shape we decided to do away with the wheelbarrow and use the Pig to ferry the chippings.  This brought much amusement, as you can see below:

Needless to say, Matt managed to get over the mound and reverse down to the end of the path to off-load.  We were initially unsure if we had enough to cover the whole path, but by tea break it was clear to see that we had plenty of chippings to do the job.


Tea break over, we continued to load and unload the Pig with chippings. 

Finally, the chipping pile was no more.  Instead, an even(ish) layer of chippings was layed from the entrance to the bird hide.

The bird hide is finally finished.  For now. 

Job Done!  Thanks for everyone's help and see you all soon.