11th November, 2012 - Willow Coppicing

It's a dry, bright, fresh morning.  We're wrapped up, wellies donned and ready for work.  

We're coppicing willow on a patch of land we worked last year, as it has, in places, grown back.  The plan is to cut it below the waterline so that the willow dies back even further.  Willow can be very invasive, so if we don't control in this manner we will lose this piece of land.  

With loppers, bow saws and a brushcutter we get to work on cutting down the willow.  


By tea-break a growing pile of willow was amassing and even Cookie was ready for a cuppa!


Freshly fueled by a biscuit, and a cuppa, we continued clearing the willow.  We even started on the next large area of willow:


That's it for this meet, but we'll be back on the 25th November to continue where we left off.  

See you there!