10th March, 2012 - Continue Bird Hide Construction

It's a mild Saturday morning and a troop of bleary eyed volunteers roll-up for another crack at the bird hide.  We have a number of tasks to complete, so after the obligatory chat about life, the universe and everything; we get on with them. 

The weaving crew got to work on completing the arbor, whilst the snedding posse prepared the willow:

Meanwhile, Matt and I continued putting up fencing around the hide to prevent any dogs getting into the conservation area. 

We also started to build a habitat pile with the unused willow brash and recently sawn timber.  This should attract even more wildlife as it starts to rot down.

 Habitat pile
  1. As the wood rots down, fungi starts to grow
  2. Fungi attracts insects
  3. Insects attract birds
  4. Birds attract visitors

By about 1:30pm the arbor was complete and everyone was very pleased with the outcome.


After clearing up, we had a chat about our meet in April and what to do next. From this we came up with the following list:   

    'To Do' list

  • Look at increasing the height of the willow fence, on the left hand side, to act as wind break.
  • Maybe, make a window in the arbor.
  • Install a seat so visitors can sit and watch the birds.
  • Move the bird identification board into the bird hide.
  • Create a firmer pathway to the hide.  

    Thanks to everyone who turned up and I'll see you all on the 15th April.