2013 Graffiti Project (by Matt Hall)

 Wildlife Graffiti

The derelict pumping station, on the riverbank, and the brick bridge were recently overhauled by a local graffiti artist, Jonnie Barton, and students from Ernulf Academy. Accompanied by Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) Countryside Services, the team embarked on spray painting new murals on the bare brick surfaces because the old designs had been there for about 5 years.  

View of pump houseo 

Front view of pump house  Side view of pump house 

HDC’S Countryside Service Ranger Matt Hall says “previous designs on the walls looked great, but unfortunately had become tired over the years and were starting to peel off; so it was time for a fresh design.  Ernulf Academy teacher, Pip Hardy, and myself recruited local graffiti artist, Jonnie Barton, to help with the project.  The themes for the designs all came from year 8 & 9 students, who had been chosen to take part in the project due to their artistic ability.  I think they did a fantastic job.  The designs look great and I was amazed at the talent shown, not only by Johnnie; but the students’ too.  I want to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in the project and I hope visitors to the park will enjoy the artwork for years to come”.

Panoramic view of park via graffiti 

Barford Road Pocket Park is a 45 acre site in Eynesbury, St. Neots, managed by HDC for the benefit of people and wildlife.  If you would like to know more about the park, please contact Matt Hall on 01480 406 795. Alternatively, find the park on Facebook or www.barford-pocket-park.btck.co.uk.